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Janatha Drohiya

This drama written by well known playwright Henrik Ibsen, translated by the famous sri Lankan play wright Vijitha Gunaratne , and directed for the sri Lankan society suitably by Nihal Suranji.

There was a bathing hole built in the remote village in Norway. Although the first concept is presented by Dr. Stockman , his brother , mayor and the industrialists built this bathing hole as they have already planned. The Administrative board of the bathing hole appointed Dr. Stockman the instructor for bathing hole.

It is said that anyone who has a bath in this particular bathing hole will get cared from any illness ; so this is attracted for the people not only in the same village but also from the neighboring villages. The villagers get much benefits and it is helpful to develop their tourism industry.

Unfortunately , Dr. Stockman reveled that there is harmful germs in the water of the bathing hole because of destructive waste flowing to the pool from the factories around. So Dr. Stockman who asked not to present his experiment by the authority of the town council because his disclosure would affect the economy of the town. That is why Dr. Stockman is named the enemy of the people by the ruling party.

Script : Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen translate into

Sinhala by Vijitha Gunaratne.

Directed by : Nihal Suranji

Cast : Deepani Silva

Wasantha Vittachchi
Lalith Rajapaksha
Hansamala Janaki
Deepthi Weerasooriya
Upul Mayadunne
Amaradasa Heenukwewa
Ranjith Kavisigamuwa
Charls Roiston
Madeera Udishaani
Chinthaka Pathirana
Prasanna Manjula
Didula Karunarathna
Dimuthu Sathsara

Presented by : Theatre Art Circle